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Charlie Raposo

“I am becoming a part of Global Racing because I believe that this program is the best way to achieve my goals of winning World Cup races and Olympic medals.”

​Born: 1/15/1996


Nationality: British


Hometown: London

Background: Charlie grew up skiing in Verbier, Switzerland and from there joined GMVS in Vermont, where he started working with Paul Epstein to become the skier he is today.


- Ranked 3rd for YOB 1996’s in the World - GS*

- Randed 8th for YOB 1996's in the World - SL*
- 6th place, 2013 European Youth Olympic Games - GS

*Rankings subject to change on a monthly basis.

To view Charlie’s FIS profile click here

To donate and help Charlie during his season please click here.


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