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Noelle Barahona-Neder

​​"I decided to join Global because although alpine skiing is an individual sport, the team is essential and I think Global Racing will push me to be better.”  


​Born: 11/30/1990


Nationality: Chilean


Hometown: Santiago

Background: Noelle grew up surrounded by the Andes Mountains, and started skiing there when she was 2 years old. She began competing for the La Parva Ski Club at the age of 9. At 14 years old she became the youngest alpine skier to ever qualify for Winter Olympic Games. Over the past 10 years, she has represented her country in two more Winter Olympic Games, as well as three World Ski Championships and a number of Continental and World Cups. Currently, she is trying to balance her skiing career with her studies. She studies Mathematics and Statistics at Universidad Catolica de Chile. 


- 3 times Winter Olympic Games athlete

- 2017 South American Cup Overall DH Winner
- 2016 South American Cup Overall Winner
- 2015 South American Cup Overall Winner


*Rankings subject to change on a monthly basis.

                   To view Noelle's FIS profile click here

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