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Marcus Monsen

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​“I joined Global Racing because I believe the way Paul and his team are working will help me to reach the top of alpine skiing.”

Born: 19/02/1995


Nationality: Norwegian


Hometown: Drammen, Norway

Background: Marcus grew up with only 5 minute walk from the local ski slope, so skiing for 4-5 hours a day was very normal for him at a young age. In 2011 he started at Dønski skigymnasium, and was there for two years before he got selected to the Norwegian national team. He was a part of the national EC and WC team from 2013-2019.


- 2 times top 20 WC GS

- 3 times 1 place in European cup

- 2 times Norwegian champion

- 6 medals at Junior World Championships

*Rankings subject to change on a monthly basis.

                      To view Marcus' FIS profile click here




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