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Per Thorstein Haugen

​“ I joined Global Racing because I believe it is the perfect fit for me. This team will give me the opportunity to get the training and help I need to reach my goals for the upcoming season.”

​Born: 6/14/1994


Nationality: Nowegian


Hometown: Lommedalen

Background: Per Torstein started skiing in a young age. He grew up skiing in his hometown Lommedalen with his two siblings (Leif Kristian Haugen and Kristine Haugen). He previously skied for the high school, Donski until he graduated in 2014. His goals are high and his passion for the sport is higher. This guy does not give up without a fight.


- Scored 12.14 points in GS, Geilo, Norway 2016

- Currently the 14th ranked GS skier in Norway
- Best racer outside national teams in the Norwegian National Championship 2014.

Current FIS Points:
GS points – 16.89
SL points – 21.82

SG points – 37.45



*Rankings subject to change on a monthly basis.

                      To view Per's FIS profile click here




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