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Fredrik Maurstad

"I joined global racing because it is a team that gives me the opportunity to reach my goals by training with and being pushed by some of the best athletes of my age."


Born: 2/11/1995


Nationality: Norwegian


Hometown: Oslo

Background: Fredrik grew up skiing in Oslo, Norway with Heming IL. In 2012 he started at Burke Mountain Academy in Vermont and graduated in 2014. There he worked closely with Darrel Gray, Amber McHugh and Kraig Sourbeer to make him the skier he is today. 


- Ranked 6th for YOB 1995’s in Norway - GS*

- Ranked 9th for YOB 1995's in Norway - SG*

                 *Rankings subject to change on a monthly basis.


                           To view Fredi's FIS profile click here

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